13 days new baby boy – professional photography baby


Newborn photography really captures a once-in-a-lifetime priceless moment that will never come back. Bringing your little one home is exciting and emotional. The first few days are so special and they go by so quickly.

A had the best time taking photos of this adorable newborn baby boy with his gorgeous family. He is such a cute newborn baby boy with that head of beautiful hair. I am blessed to have photographed him! He did great for his entire session.

I love photographing sweet, new babies, is there anything better?

professional photography baby Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Newborn_Baby_Boy_Max_13_days_sleeping on the white rug
professional photography baby, newborns in Sydney, NSW
professional photography baby_ portrait of cute newborn baby boy_Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Newborn_Baby_Boy_Max_2 weeks old
professional photography baby – portrait of cute newborn baby boy
professional photography baby 2 weeks old in the brown basket_ Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Newborn_Baby_Boy_Max_13_days_old_
professional photography baby 2 weeks old
professional photography baby - adorable new baby boy on the brown blanket Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Newborn_Baby_Boy_Max_13_days_old_012
professional photography baby – Sydney
professional photography baby portraits_Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Newborn_Baby_Boy_Max_13_days_old_010
professional photography baby portraits

Professional Photography Baby – by Lena Postnova – Sydney Newborn Photography

Most people schedule their newborn shoot well in advance of their due date. This ensures that the session takes place during the first 2 weeks of the newborn’s life when the baby is still small and loves to curl up. The first few days of a new life with a new baby can be very busy with settling in and family visiting, but these early days are too precious not to capture and babies are only this tiny for a short while.

If you are expecting and would like to book a photography session for your new addition, please CONTACT Lena. Spots fill up fast and I only have limited sessions available each week.

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A new little boy
To love beyond measure,
To add to your life
More joys and more pleasure.
And may each new day
Hold for baby and you
The joyous fulfillment
Of dream that comes true!