1st birthday photo shoot – Cake Smash session Sydney


Wow, I can’t believe this boy’s already turned one.

This was one of the most fun photo sessions I have done! Love his smiles and he smiles a lot!

This is just the first of many-many happy birthdays for you. Have a deliciously fun 1st birthday, little cutie!

1st birthday photo shoot Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0002
1st birthday photo shoot – Baby Boy
1st birthday photography session Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0004
1st birthday photography session – Sydney
1st birthday photo shoot Green Cake Smash Blue theme Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0001
1st birthday photo session Green Cake Smash Blue theme
1st birthday photo shoot Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0007
1st birthday photo shoot Cake Smash Sydney
1st birthday photo shoot Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0008
1st birthday Cake Smash photography
1st birthday Cake Smash photo shoot theme Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0010
1st birthday Cake Smash photo shoot theme

Hey guys… Can we do this again tomorrow? 🙂

1st birthday photo shoot - blue hand painted acrylic background  Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0012
1st birthday photo shoot – blue background
1st birthday photo session ideas Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0011
1st birthday photo session ideas

It’s so much fun when you turn one!

1st birthday photo shoot ideas for boys Newborn_Photography_Sydney_Newborn_Photographer_Lena_Postnova_Baby_Cake_Smash_Boy_Session_First_Birthday_Photos_Bailey_1year_Blue_green_cake_0015
1st birthday photo shoot ideas for boys

Happy 1st birthday, little sweetheart! Enjoy every moment!

1st birthday photo shoot collage

1st birthday photo shoot – Cake Smash photography by Lena Postnova

Cake smash sessions are lots of fun. It is a great way to celebrate your babies first year. The first half of the shoot we capture the cute expressions and personality of your little one. The second half we get messy with a cake. This would be probably the first time your baby has ever tasted cake, and the first time they are allowed to do whatever they want with it!

If you would like to book a 1st birthday photo shoot for your baby, please CONTACT me to get a price list or book your Cake Smash session.

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You’re as cute as a bug,
And so precious to hug!
May your birthday will be super fun
From the moment it starts
Till the second it’s done!