Posts From the monthly archives: "June 2016"

If only those precious moments could last and last… Each day is a gift. Being a parent is the greatest feeling in the world. Here are a few photos of beautiful 8 days baby boy I had a pleasure to capture one day. This little one was not very keen on sleeping for us but…(Read More)

This little new baby boy is even more special to me because not only did I get to photograph him as a newborn baby but I also got to capture his big brother as a newborn baby and I got to capture his mum and dad wedding as well. It is a special feeling getting…(Read More)

This little princess was 8 days old at the day I meet her for her first photography session. What a perfect beautiful face with perfect little features, tiny fingers and toes, curled up like how she was in the womb. Newborns are amazing little humans! I love every aspect of photographing new babies! So, so…(Read More)