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One old wives tale suggests women who experience bad heartburn during pregnancy have babies with a lot of hair. I heard it over and over again when I was pregnant with my son. This did not work for us honestly, my little one was born essentially bald. But look at this little boy, what a…(Read More)

There are so many best things about newborn babies. I am so lucky to be a newborn photographer and be around babies all the time. First look That moment that you actually get to see their little faces for the first time. There is no comparison and you can’t really describe it. You just…(Read More)

In the first couple of weeks your baby will just feed and sleep all the time. It is a perfect time to photograph newborn babies, before they lose their foetal-like poses. These photos are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The key is that baby must be asleep. Soothing baby to sleep is…(Read More)