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In this blog post I would like to share a couple of newborn photography backstage images of one of my past photo shoots. Many thanks to one talented mum for capturing those behind the scene photos for me. Honestly I don’t have many of back stage photos of me, and it is always interesting…(Read More)

Some of you may know that I first started working in photography industry as a Photoshop Retoucher. I worked in retouching for years. Retouching is a skill and well worth making sure your photographer knows how to do it correctly. My philosophy on newborn photography editing is to keep it simple and never overdo. My…(Read More)

Nothing beats professional shots, but with some tips you can get better newborn photos at home on your camera or phone too. Lighting Lighting is a key factor in capturing a beautiful image. It is best to shoot indoors, by a window, using natural light. Avoid direct sunlight as it casts harsh shadows.  Ideally your…(Read More)