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When I chose newborn photography as my niche, I had to learn many newborn poses that parents request. As you can see on my website I specialise in posed newborn photography – the kind that has baby all nice and curled up into adorably poses in props or on beautiful backdrops. Having newborns asleep is…(Read More)

We know that these moments are fleeting, and we would love to be able to hold on to them forever. What a sweet gorgeous little baby girl and what a beautiful family! Here are some of my favorite shots from her first professional newborn photo session:   Every Mum has wished they had the ability…(Read More)

Newborn Editing is a popular topic as most people really like to see before and afters. Every now and then, I like to share an original photo compared to a final product. I think it gives readers a bit of insight into a photographer and the editing process. Babies are absolutely perfect the way they…(Read More)