Breastfeeding Photography


As a baby photographer I’ve decided to help other mums to save those special moments and I am about to start shooting new photo series – breastfeeding photography sessions. Thanks to my hubby helping me to create this photo. This is me breastfeeding my 10 months old baby boy. I can not believe how time flies and my little man is not so little anymore… I feel like I will treasure this photo and that priceless memories forever, especially after I feed him for the last time some day.
I am planning some studio style sessions as well as on location shoots. So keep in touch! I hope to create beautiful memories for some of you.

Breastfeeding Photography Newborn Photography Sydney Photographer Lena Postnova backlit backlight studio mum mother feeding motherhood nursing Baby
Breastfeeding Photography Sydney

Breastfeeding Photography by Lena Postnova

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A woman’s life isn’t worth a plateful of cabbage if she hasn’t felt life stir under her heart. Taking a little one to nurse, watching him grow to manhood, that’s what love is. ~ Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries