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Newborn safety is always my number one priority. Everything I do during my baby sessions is done with safety in mind. I want my clients to feel secure that their little one is in good hands.

newborn safety Baby photographer Sydney


Here are some of the things I keep in mind all the time:

I reschedule a newborn shoot if I think I might be getting sick or even if someone from my family is getting sick.
I always wash and sanitize my hands constantly throughout the session.
I do not leave the newborn baby unattended.
I keep the baby comfortable, if they don’t like the pose, I never force one and move on to another one. I am not a fan of unnatural posing and love to keep things simple and timeless. Any photograph you have seen in the internet with a newborn’s head lifted up on its hands, or balancing on a prop, or baby hanging in the air – those photos should be done as photoshop composites only. I do not offer unrealistic poses at all, but if I do occasionally on requests – I use an spotter or parent with a hand on the baby and I photoshop out their hands later.
I encourage parents to have young siblings taken away for a walk after they are done with their portraits.
I regulate the room temperature and keep babies warm but I keep an eye on baby so he or she does not overheat.
I always wear a neck strap around my camera when shooting from above.

Newborn Safety first – newborn photography Sydney by Lena Postnova

If you would like to see more babies please visit my portfolio and also my information page all about your newborn session.
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The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority. – By Olivia Wilde

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