Sydney time lapse


Non Newborn Photography related post in my blog today, but definitely photography related.

As some of you may know I enjoy taking fine-art photos at sunrise or sunset. When I have a free day my first choice is to go on sunrise or sunset photo shoot and have a really great time in some of Sydney’s beautiful spots. Living in Sydney I am blessed to have an access to amazing locations, enjoy breathtaking views and been able to save this moments forever in my photos. But I am not only taking stills, time after time I participate in shooting time lapse videos along with my husband Pavel. My husband is a very creative person and we are lucky to share similar interests. Recently we started to work on our new time lapse project, it is very time consuming job and we expect to finish it in a few months. But today I would like you to have a look at one of our finished video. This one is about Sydney, our beautiful, gorgeous city.